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Even though doing a lot of cardio is a way to lose weight quick it won’t be as effective as eating clean. What you eat will reflect on your body and your performance when working out. If you eat healthy food it will compliment your weight loss and you will see progress but devouring a lot of unhealthy foods while working out will get you no results.
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I wanna take a minute to talk about fats. For the longest time, people have been dieting to lose weight, and immediately say to themselves “well, if I want to lose fat, then I should eat fat free things right?” 

WRONG. Eating healthy fats do not make you gain weight. In fact, there are only three things in this world that the human body needs to survive:

  • water
  • protein
  • healthy fats

What is a healthy fat? Healthy fats can be found in things like fish, lean organic meat, nuts, olive oil, avocado, organic eggs, etc. UNhealthy fats are found in things like candy, deserts, pizza, junk food, etc.

So what is it exactly that makes us gain weight? I’ll tell you. It is SUGAR and STARCHY FOODS that make us gain weight. Our bodies need neither refined sugar nor starch to survive. Natural sugars from things like fruit and berries are ok.

So think about this the next time you’re grocery shopping and find yourself making a bee line for the fat-free section. Check the ingredients again, and try going for sugar free.

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Let these delicious recipes enter your dreams and excite you for breakfast when you wake :P 

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"An unhealthy mind, even in a healthy body, will ultimately destroy health."

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